Celsius Condominiums

A new degree of cool.

Celsius Condominiums, Toronto Ontario

Townhouses ring the site creating an internal multifunction courtyard. Private townhouse patios have been designed at grade and on the rooftops to overlook the courtyard that mixes pedestrians and vehicular travel in a shared street called a Woonerf.

Status: Under Construction

Street side front yard patios bring eyes to the street. A rooftop amenity enhances the outdoor use for the tower residence. A green roof design provides storm water management and heat island relief.

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Numerous rooftop gardens  Views to the rooftop are animated with private rooftop patios surrounding the central woonerf, a vegetated green roof and condo amenity rooftop garden.


Executive Townhouse gardens and Patios  Private patios with customized fencing, privacy screen and entry piers surround the Woonerf, providing continuous green ribbons.

Articulated public realm  Optimization of limited outdoor spaces is facilitated with attractively designed  custom utility bins for for  street side storage.

Rooftop fireside lounge  The residential rooftop patio features a fireplace mosaic of copper tiles.  Alternating textures of colours of pavers reflect the patterns of the woonerf.  Quality finished Spanish planters offer additional seating around the lounges and barbeques under treed canopies.