The earth erupts and unfolds

Maplecrete, Vaughan Ontario

The community is the western end of the intensified Vaughan Metropolitan Centre along Highway 7. Animated streetscape designs humanize the pedestrian realm with multiple layers of trees & plantings pathways & patios.

Status: Application

The community’s internal focus is a centralized plaza featuring a green ribbon and shared street, called a woonerf. Rooftop gardens created by green roofs elevate the green edges around the five towers.

Ribbons of Green  Streets lined with trees and plantings, greenroofs articulated with swatches of colour and a central park of undulating berms and forest plantings provide continuous ribbons of green.


The Crevice  Ribbons of slanted and sloping wooden walls unfold through the centre of the space to present areas to meander and play, sit and linger.  Behind their strong forms a forest of trees majestically form green edges to this central park.

Central Park  Alternate designs for the park offer larger green lawns through raised ribbons.  Bisecting path respond to desire lines. The naturalized forms are partnered with forest litter to create playful moments for children.


The Public Realm  The buildings were separated to create an open air courtyard connecting Highway 7 to the Central Park.  Space is provided for outdoor cafes amongst creating customized built in furniture.  The ceiling is formed with the lilting sheets of colour hung between the building facades.  A carpet of colour brings the indoors out.

The retail plaza  In the open air courtyard, street trees and colourful umbrellas are placed strategically to create edges and enhance the colourful ceilings with some shade.  A fenced patio offers opportunities for licensed venues.

The Passthrough