MaRS – Medical and Related Sciences, Toronto

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MaRS – Medical and Related Sciences, Toronto Ontario

MaRS is where science, technology and social entrepreneurs get the help they need. Where all kinds of people meet to spark new ideas. And where a global reputation for innovation is being earned, one success story at a time.

Status: Built

This urban landscape is formed by a perfectly laid out forest grid, granite and natural stone seating and paving around this high technology research and education facility. The project included the restoration of the historic fence and piers, melding the old with the new.

The urban forest provides a soft green refuge in this corner of the city.  A gridded Bosque of trees are designed with spot lights for additional nighttime brilliance.

A generous plaza space in front of the building allows for interior amenity and retail spaces to be extended out into the landscape.

Historic structures are blended with contemporary forms. The existing fence was refurbished and reinstalled to reflect the history of the site.

The local history and character of the area was preserved through the restoration and reinstallation of the historic fence.


Construction drawings for restored heritage fence

Detail of one of the restored brick and masonry columns.

The consistent use of high-quality materials and the fine attention to details characterize the site.

Stone steps and walls leading from a secondary building exit.

A handsome streetscape design is formed with the combination of the site's historic elements and the new.