Feral Fabric

Feral Fabric

Gladstone Exhibition, 2016

Feral Fabric is a sculpture that was installed for an annual exhibition held at the Gladstone Hotel, which looks at the intersection of urbanism, landscape and contemporary art. Taking inspiration from its environment, the sculpture embodies the spirit of urban wilderness that makes Toronto unique.

Status: Built

It combines a surprisingly organic, windswept form with a rock hard, industrial material. It is an unexpected surprise amongst the spontaneous vegetation, bustling traffic and urban graphics of the West Queen West neighbourhood.

The concrete canvas drapes smoothly around the trunks of trees, but is deceptively soft-looking.

The urban wilderness of West Queen West is both framed and embraced by the wandering sculpture.

The gold underside catches the light and is an unexpected moment of glamour in an everyday situation.



The sculpture lit up during the opening night party of the exhibition.


The view of the Gladstone Hotel is framed by the sculpture as it wraps up the trees.