Land Art Design at IDS 2017

Barn’s burnt down
I can see the moon


We’re pleased to be partnering with Toronto’s Interior Design Show for the debut of their new landscape feature called “Open Air.”

The concept for our booth began with the above poem by 17th Century Japanese samurai Mizuta Masahide. This poem is as timely and relevant in our rapidly changing world as it was when written over 300 years ago.

This evocative image of a newfound appreciation and gratitude for the natural world serves as the inspiration for our pop-up landscape at IDS 2017. By exploring and celebrating the positive and unexpected opportunities that come out of change and disruption, we aim to create a social space that brings people together by provoking their imagination and expanding their thinking of how exterior spaces can be used.

Look for us at booth 1526!

The Toronto Interior Design Show runs from January 19th-22nd, located at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Hall.


Find out more information about the Interior Design Show’s Open Air feature by clicking here.