Regent Park Block 12

Revitalizing and re-energizing community

Regent Park Block 12, Toronto, Ontario

Grade-related patios connected to ground-floor units help activate the streetscape, providing eyes on the street as well as transition space between the public and private space. Rooftop terraces feature an “eyebrow” planter with ornamental grasses, that has proven to be a conducive nesting space for local birds.

Status: Complete

Challenges with limited depth of cover over underground parking garage are solved with layered plantings of shaded street trees in grade in front of raised patio planters containing ornamental shrubs and perennials. Permeable pavers elevate the utility side of the building to a decorative laneway while reducing stormwater overland floor.

Landscape plan for Regent Park Block 12

Groundfloor units with patios help extend living space outdoors and help animate the public space.

Architectural rendering of the buidling, showing the green walls at the ground floor.