Office Rooftop Terrace

A cut above

Office Rooftop Terrace, Toronto Ontario

This private terrace for the office of a real estate asset management company was designed to support a wide range uses. These include daily use by employees, suitable space for meeting with clients, and larger company events to be hosted on-site.

Status: Built

Size: 175m²

The terrace design worked within the framework and constraints established by plans that were already approved through SPA for a different building configuration.

Lounge furniture is clustered around a fire pit embedded into the edge of the planting bed.

The outdoor kitchen is complete with BBQ, fridge, sink, tap, and outdoor beverage dispenser.

Clean details characterize the terrace to give it its tailored look.



A series of spaces are created within the relatively small rooftop. A meadow-style planting will eventually fill in the edges, softening the entire space.

Clean details characterize the terrace to give it its tailored look.


Groups of dining chairs and tables are located at the far side of the terrace, near the outdoor kitchen.

A contemporary outdoor firepit is surrounded by clean-cut walls of white granite. Native planting provides a soft backdrop.

Reflections of the wildflower planting on the frosted glass privacy screen.

Soft native grasses contrasted with dark pebbles which form a drainage trench along the edge of the roof terrace.

A mix of native plants creates the impression of an aerial meadow on top of the office building.


View from the terrace out towards the downtown skyline