Swan Lake Village Seniors Condominium

Lakeside living, beautiful views and resort inspired amenities

Swan Lake Village Seniors Condominium, Markham Ontario

The natural landscape design incorporates meandering paths that weave and flow amongst trembling aspens and flowering crab apples to the grassy shores of the lake. Existing trees preserved along the west provide an instant dappled shade in the north garden. The project benefited from the installation of landscape that incorporated the principals of Sustainable Design: Installation of Native plant material that is drought resistant and eliminates the need for irrigation systems. Preservation of Existing trees providing protection from the wind and dappled shade to the main garden + wooden boardwalks over existing tree roots eliminating root damage. Installation of larger caliper trees increased shade coverage for reduced heating of the parking lots.

Status: Built

Catchment and use of roof and building rainwater through river washed stone beds located around the base of the building. Catchment of garden rainwater through shallow sloped sodded overland flow routes allowing rainwater to percolation back into the soil – replenishing the landscape in the immediate area and the adjacent lake and eliminating the need for catch basins and area drains in the landscape. Control of light pollution through the use of coloured concrete patios. Patios located in warmer microclimates extending the outdoor season.

The Patios <br> Patio spaces and their privacy screens provide a sense of space and enclosure, but are fully permeable to max the socialization with those on adjacent patios or out in the gardens.

The Meandering Walk <br> An existing row of trees create picturesque edges to the gardens.  They provide the much needed shade and wind protection.  Walkways were designed to ensure the minimal impact on the existing tree roots yet ensuring walkways are continuous loops around the gardens for able bodied residents.

Lakeside Activities <br> The grounds were designed to provide opportunities to linger and socialize in the open air of this lakeside community.  Gardening plots are spread throughout the gardens.  A bocce court offer formalized gaming.  Walkways of various slopes and challenges encourages the physically marginal to exercise.

The Gardens <br> Growing gardens interspersed between the seating gardens expand the opportunities to mix and socialize.

New Plantings <br> New tree planting supplement the existing trees to ensure the majority of the garden will offer shade in the hot summer months.  Trembling Aspens provide four seasons of visual and auditory interest.

The Kitchen <br> Garden Outdoor amenity adjacent to indoor dining offer ample opportunities for extended parties.  Coloured pavements reduce visual glare.