Markham Outdoor Mall

Restructuring and re-envisioning for new life

Markham Outdoor Mall, Markham, Ontario

The concept for this large industrial site, being repurposed into a large outdoor mall, began with the idea of a chair: to provide support, comfort, adaptability, and a free range of motion.

Status: Application

These ideas were then reduced to the simple goal: Structure the soft, soften the structure, and simplify. This was done by manipulating the ground plane to form seating, walls, and transitions to planting beds.

The central park space features large rolling berms punctuated by a groves of trees to create a series of seating areas and edges

A small canal defines the central park, with café space bordering overlooking the edge.

Terraced seat-steps lead down to the water's surface. A large sculpture floats over the water.

The frame of the warehouse building are preserved to create a permeable outdoor structure. From it hangs large, sculptural wooden waves.

Flowing seat-steps are accented by inspiration quotes that used to be integrated in the industrial building that is being repurposed.