World on Yonge Parks

Bringing a sense of the civic to Canada’s newest City

World on Yonge Parks

A suite of three municipal parks intertwined with a mixed-use development represents the deepening partnership between the private and public sector in creating shared, common spaces.

Multiple design concepts were produced throughout the process to show the opportunities available in

Status: Under Construction

defining the increasingly urban direction of public realm in the growing City of Markham.

The priority was placed on large-scale gestures juxtaposed with finely-scaled details and enduring materials to emphasize the civic nature of these new spaces.

Landscape materials were chosen that will develop a patina over time: weathering steel, granite, clay brick. Instead of degrading, they mature and develop character that is irreplaceable.

A long waterwall and fountain feature is flanked on both sides by raised planters and trees, creating an intimate court.