Hilton Hotel

Filling the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality

Hilton Hotel, Markham Ontario

Retrofitted five star hotel with the addition of a convention centre. Presented with a very convenient existing parking garage opposite the main doors of the convention centre entrance, we were tasked with highlighting the entry and reducing the impact of the parking garage. The landscape design included top-

Status: Built

quality granite paving which created a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor arrival courts. A rain curtain draws the visitor to the main entry doors, with ornamented screens and outdoor chandeliers enhancing the arrival experience.

Hilton Drive

The water feature and ceiling  The Convention Centre Entry court features centralized  custom design elements such as a waterwall, decorative ceilings, floors and parking screens.

The water wall  The water wall features stainless provides glistening steel cables amplified with the streaming water surrounded by polished granite.

The rain curtain  Stainless steel cable lights provide up lighting for maximum wonder lust and night beauty.  Water flows slowly down the glistening cables into the granite basin.  Lit from below the feature provides full time illumination to this arrival court.

Granite paving creates a carpet at the entrance and ground floor

Decorative screens  Ornamental screen curtail the views into the at grade parking garages that lie adjacent to the main entries maintaining ease of access while preserving the luxury brands convention entrance